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Aliens Lifts is one of the established, fast growing elevator manufacturing company, dealing with design, manufacture, erection, installation, commisioning & testing of high quality elevators.

Offer a broad range of cost-effective vertical transportation solutions Maintain robust systems, processes & operations to meet customers expectations Provide repair services to a diverse customer base across multiple types of elevators Remain responsive to our customers’ needs

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Our mission is to improve the flow of each individual urban life. Our team will assist you to buy and install a right size of elevator for all your needs be it residential or commercial.

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Home elevators

The elevator shaft only takes up a portion of the size of a staircase and if maximizing space is your top priority.goos working time for life long.

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Hydraulic elevators

These lifts are also more effective when high loads need to be moved, as the hydraulics provide a greater lifting force than traction ropes..

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Passenger elevators

Passenger Elevators are designed to move people between different floors of a building, their capacity being related to available floor space.

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Technological Work

With the evolution of technology, many industries has been disrupted. We embrace innovative ideas, processes built on top of technology to improve our products & services.


Great operational efficiency allows us to focus on providing our customers an exceptional service at the right time and at the right place.


Our super talented team consists of young, energetic, extemely focused high performing professionals on par with international standards.